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Our aim since the beginning of 2005 has been to provide quality beverages to the vast unfiltered community of India. Assurance and Confidence is the kind of brand perception we try to establish and at the same time endorse hygiene product.

From Packaged Drinking Water to Packaged Fruit Juice, we are trying to improve the quality of the beverage market in our space and will continue to do so with sheer goodwill.

We have established a well-connected infrastructure of manufacturing units in Ranchi and have a formidable sales & distribution network along 12 states catering in more than 5 products. Our infrastructure is updated with fresh chunks of machinery to ease the production rate with also keeping in mind for providing suitable workforce environment for our employees.

eastern India's fastest Machine!

We are proud owners of the fastest machine in East India which can produce more than 14000 bottles per hour.

Local brand making it big

Started out with just a small investment and a single machine, we now house more than 5 machines and can produce more than 50 tons of Juice per day! We cater to more than 12 states and enjoy a dominant position in various states. We also enjoy exemplary market goodwill and stack up our plants with latest technology.



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