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Radiance kempty

Well recognized brand all over Jharkhand for its distinct pink label. It was founded in 2005 and ever since then, it has shown a progressive graph. The brand is Railway Approved and it offers premium quality and assurance of purity.

  • MRP ₹15
  • 12 Pcs a carton
  • Two sizes: 1L & 200 ml

Radiance sapphire

Favorite thirst-quenching pack of a bottle, offers ample to satisfy one’s thirst for some time. The brand enjoys good recognition in its target market.

  • MRP ₹15
  • 12 Pcs a carton
  • Two sizes: 1L & 250 ml

mango punch

” The real taste of Mango ” our catch phrase says it all. We assure to provide best quality Mango pulp with succulent aftertaste which will have you asking for more.

We cater to 12 states and are growing every year at a tremendous rate and have a future ahead.

  • MRP ₹8 to ₹98
  • Available from 125 ml to 2L 

Kempty litchi

The fragrance itself will remind you of freshly plucked ripe Litchi. The perfect mellow taste will keep you sipping till the end and remind you of what you have been missing out on.

We have the 2nd largest capacity in terms of production in Eastern India. Kempty Litchi caters to 12 states.

  • MRP ₹10
  • Available in 170 ml




mango punch tetra pack

Best pocket friendly package of good Alphonso mangoes squashed into protective and hygienic 6 layers of paper.

  • Available in 65 ml & 200 ml
  • MRP ₹5 and ₹15 respectively


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