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We are proud manufacturers of packaged drinking water, fruit juices, and carbonated beverages. Established in 2006, our company was founded by Mr. Anup Lodha with the vision of becoming the leading brand in rural India. With unwavering support from his wife, Mrs. Rekha Lodha, and relentless dedication, Mr. Lodha has brought this vision to life. To further drive growth, he was later joined by his children, Animesh and Tushar, along with their wives, Paridhi and Palak.

Our operations span two state-of-the-art manufacturing units in Ranchi, encompassing 36,000 and 40,000 square feet, respectively. We take pride in quenching the thirst and bringing joy to millions. Employing over 200 dedicated workers, Kempty is committed to uplifting the underprivileged by providing career-enhancing opportunities.

Equipped with best-in-class machinery such as SIGMA, HILDEN, and BIHAI, Kempty delivers high-quality products at competitive prices. Our advanced production process, including sugar syrup processing, pulp mixing, flavor composition, homogenizing, and pasteurizing, involves minimal human intervention, significantly reducing contamination risks. Our unique selling point, a fully automated packaging line, ensures that fresh and healthy drinks are delivered right to our consumers’ doorsteps.

Kempty is among the few companies in India producing litchi juice in HDPE bottles using a fully automated production line, capable of producing 16,000 bottles per hour from bottle blowing to carton packaging. Additionally, our world-class machines produce 13,000 packs of TCA per hour and 7,500 packs of Tetra per hour. Our extensive packaging options include spouts and PET bottles for fruit juices. For carbonated drinks, we utilize high-tech machinery capable of blowing and filling 200 bottles per minute, offering a variety of flavors such as lemon, cloudy lemon, orange, salty lemon, apple, jeera, and cola.

As a homegrown brand, we believe our customers will go beyond average with Kempty’s beverage.


EXPLORECompany Values


At Kempty, we envision becoming the foremost provider of quality beverages in India, positively impacting the lives of the vast, untapped community. Our aspiration is to be synonymous with assurance, confidence, and hygienic excellence. From Packaged Drinking Water to Packaged Fruit Juice, we aim to redefine industry standards, continually enhancing the beverage market’s quality. Our vision is to foster goodwill, utilizing our well-connected infrastructure, advanced manufacturing units, and expansive sales network, spanning 12 states. We strive to uphold a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community welfare, solidifying Kempty as a trusted and forward-thinking brand in the Indian beverage landscape.


Kempty’s mission since 2006 has been unwavering – to provide India’s diverse communities with unparalleled, quality beverages. Rooted in assurance, confidence, and hygiene, we endeavor to establish a brand perception that resonates with the ethos of the nation. Expanding from Packaged Drinking Water to Packaged Fruit Juice, our mission is to elevate the beverage market’s standards through relentless commitment and goodwill. We achieve this by maintaining a well-connected infrastructure, integrating cutting-edge machinery, and fostering a conducive work environment for our dedicated workforce. Kempty is on a mission to continually innovate, enrich lives, and contribute positively to the beverage industry and the communities we serve.


Anup Lodha

Tushar Lodha

Tushar Lodha


Animesh Lodha


Palak Lodha

CO - Founder



THE TEAMPeople Behind Kempty


Anup Lodha


Introducing Anup Lodha, the visionary founder of our esteemed beverage manufacturing company. With an impressive 35 years of experience in manufacturing, coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Science, he embodies a profound understanding of the industry’s intricacies. His unwavering passion and commitment to serving the nation with indigenous beverages resonate throughout our operations. His courageous approach to disrupting the industry is evident in his determination to build our units from the ground up, brick by brick. His leadership inspires us to push boundaries and set new standards, making us pioneers in delivering quality, locally made beverages to our customers.

Meet Animesh Lodha, the driving force behind our sales endeavors at our esteemed beverage manufacturing company. As a CA finalist with a keen understanding of sales and marketing dynamics, Animesh brings over 7 years of invaluable experience to the table. His innate ability to identify market opportunities and leverage them to drive growth sets him apart. Animesh is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the highest quality products, and his relentless pursuit of excellence continues to propel our company forward in the competitive beverage industry.


Animesh Lodha

Sales and Marketing Head

Tushar Lodha

Production Head

Allow us to introduce Tushar Lodha, the innovative mind behind the production operations at our beverage manufacturing company. Currently pursuing Actuarial studies, Tushar possesses a unique blend of numerical prowess and a profound understanding of machinery. With his expertise, Tushar has spearheaded the establishment of a world-class production unit, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that our facilities operate at peak efficiency, boasting 24/7 production capabilities. Under Tushar’s leadership, we guarantee the highest standards of production, delivering excellence in every bottle of beverage we craft.

Palak Lodha, the dynamic leader at the helm of research and development for our beverage manufacturing company. Holding the prestigious title of CFA Charterholder and backed by an Honors degree in Finance and Accounting, Palak embodies a rare fusion of financial acumen and creative flair. With innovation running deep in her veins, Palak is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of beverage design and product development. Her keen understanding of consumer tastes and preferences, coupled with her exceptional number-crunching skills, form the cornerstone of our R&D strategy. Palak’s relentless pursuit of excellence drives our mission to introduce unique and captivating products to the market, ensuring that every sip satisfies the thirst of our discerning customers.


Palak Lodha

Research and Development Head